Versapay API Reference (1.3.26)

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The Versapay API offers operations in support of its flagship products:

  • Collaborative AR (formerly ARC) - accounts receivable platform with automated invoicing, effective collaboration, flexible payments and cash application to improve efficiency and customer relationships.

    • Importing & exporting customers, invoices, and payments.

    • Monitoring file based imports/batches.

    • Importing & exporting orders and processing order based payment transactions.

    • Ecommerce integrations.

  • PayPort - cloud based platform to electronically push and pull funds across the EFT / ACH network.

    • Moving funds using transactions and pre-authorized debit agreements.

    • A secure hosted checkout for accepting payments through your website or email.

Please contact us at for support & setup of A/R invoicing integration, hosted checkout, and/or payment acceptance.

Versioning & Compatibility

The current API version is Versapay API Reference (1.3.26).

Versapay commits to maintaining backward compatibility and existing API endpoints with each released version updating existing endpoints and/or introducing new endpoints.

Should Versapay require deprecation of a published API, Versapay will work with its API clients/users to confirm specific EOL/migration timelines with ample lead times, as well as endpoint migration strategies.


The UAT environment is a useful sandbox for integration testing where transaction settlements are simulated using test account numbers and test dollar amounts.

Once integration testing is complete via the UAT environment, start sending your requests to the production URL to start moving money and/or integrating with Versapay.

Rate Limits

The standard rate limit is 1500 requests per minute per IP address, but Versapay reserves the right to raise or lower that limit based on network conditions. When the rate limit is exceeded, APIs will return error HTTP 1015 you are being rate limited. Partner- or customer-specific rate limits can be established by special agreement.


Visit your account settings in UAT ( or Production ( to setup API credentials needed for authentication as well as webhooks to receive relevant callbacks from Versapay transaction processing.

You can generate/disable your API credentials as often as necessary for security reasons.

If you do not have an account, please contact Versapay Support for support & setup of AR invoicing integration, hosted checkout and/or payment acceptance for partner and/or API credential setup.

API Token and API Key

API requests are authenticated using API Token & Key via HTTPS Basic Access Authentication.

Security Scheme Type HTTPS
HTTPS Authorization Scheme basic

Simply provide the API Token & Key values as the user and password parameters, using cURL for instance:

curl -u "Nvax...:UN0I..." -X POST

JWT Token

Alternatively, API requests can also be authenticated using JWT Token via HTTPS Bearer Authentication.

Security Scheme Type HTTPS
HTTP Authorization Scheme bearer JWT
JWT Tokens, automatically generated alongside API Token & Key, are displayed along with expiration in account settings as well as via authenticated /api/whoami, see Authentication Echo identity and account profile settings

Simply provide the JWT Token in the authorization header, using cURL for instance:

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJ0b2tlbiI6Im54eDFaSjgzeXRNNmhtb3NGVExCIiwiZXhwIjoxNzEyOTU5NDA5fQ.adV6U1vW69Ypskt61uPL8hZ-4muvtM4FLM48QN6iCc4" -X POST

Echo identity and account profile settings

Lists key account profile settings configured for the authenticated account

query Parameters

Number of days (1-365) until JWT expiration, default 30.



Successful Operation



get /api/whoami



Response samples

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  • "whoami":